The album post…

Here are a few pictures that portray my life for the last few weeks, way better than my words. I want to post this now as I’m leaving to Coimbatore tomorrow morning. Yay!!! Boy, I’m excited πŸ˜€ traveling alone. First time. Train. Pictures. Now. 

These are some of the pictures I took on the day of varamahalakshmi celebrations πŸ™‚ 

Those are two of my grannies- a day before my cousin’s engagement. 

The first picture is well… My cousin (let’s name her now :p) – prathima’s hand- all beautiful and bridy from the mehandi. The rest of the pictures are self- explainatory. The monkey with two peace signs is my brother. 

The first one is my mom :p it took some time to make her stay with her head turned so I could click that one. The last picture is the saree and the necklace my sister wore. Art they are. In the middle, the guy she’s standing next to is the one she’s going to be married to in a few months πŸ˜ƒ he’s nice and fun. 

Pretty ladies of the family. Tulsi plants. Radhe and Krishna. ❀️

This picture of graffiti is from the art event ‘berserk’. I fell in love with it. Want to be able to create such things. Yep… That’s it now. 



Post procrastination post…

Ahhh…. Dat wordplay doe! ⬆️ πŸ˜‚ hey world! πŸ™ sup? So, today my mind decided to use ghetto slang for the first two lines. Anyway, I’m  writing this post after postponing it for quite sometime now. There’s a lot going on in my life- In all the possible areas. Ironically, my parents think I’m jobless and that going to college is the one and only way through which I’m going to attain enlightenment. Ok, that’s an exaggerated version of what they think but it’s definitely not ! – when it comes to my darling mom. My cousin got engaged a week back, We attended krishna’s… LORD Krishna’s birthday parties at various places and visited UB city where my little brother was ‘supposed’ to perform on the day we went there. (like always, he managed to make us fools and got us to be there for an arts event called ‘berserk’- which I think was amazing, even though our hero wasn’t going up on the stage that particular day). We got a tiny Tulsi plant from one of the houses which was hosting Krishna’s birthday party, and my brother has got new pets now! Two teeny little fish given to him and every participant of the event he attended. What a lucky … Dog … Or puppy 😁❀️ he is ! And what an event it was! The colours… The paintings… The dance and music- definitely something to be encouraged. It was my first time in UB city and I have to say that it’s a pretty expensive mall. The very area that it was situated in seemed too neat and posh… It was fun. My life for the past four days hasn’t gone without chocolate pastries, puff pasteries, chocolates and whatnot! Even today, I met my friends for a short long ride in the scooter for burgers, selfies and quality time with them. Back home, my dad had stocked up the table with pasteries. Yet again! Sickly heaven, I’m in. I’m going to the ashram on Monday! And this time it’s going to be a long stay πŸ˜ƒgoing all by myself, via train for the first time! I have tons of things to do tomorrow and pictures to post here. There’s no room for procrastination, so let me get some rest, which I badly need. 

Good night ❀️

By the way, those two idiots are my friends who are with me from school. Sometimes, agony but sweet for the most part- they’re superfun to be with in their own ways. 

Difficult frame…


Found this cutie in Goa. He (I, guess) was moving a lot. It took some minutes to click this not-so-perfect but beautiful picture- somehow I got him to fit the frame I had on my mind. Even then, it took a teensy bit of editing but here he is! From Goa to wherever you’re looking at him right now. quite a bit of a mover, isn’t he?

A piece of rare…



This piece of jewellery doesn’t really fit the category of ‘rare’. My cousin sister wore it on her engagement, day before yesterday. She looked like a godess, i have to say. how many times does 4;30 pm, 22nd August, 2016 come anyway? Just once. phenomenal moment isn’t it? rare enough? I don’t even have to ask!

Little orange guy down…

Found this little guy crippled and fallen on the ground early in the morning, while I was walking back home from the fitness class. He was in a bad condition when I found him, but put him in a safe place as the ants were trying to eat him up while he was still trying to get back on his miniature feet. The champ that he is. The next time I saw him, he was dead. Put him in a pot of soil with a plant in it. His orange wings caught my eyes… He was beautiful πŸ™‚ 

Earth and the heart…

Music that’s very close to the earth… Throbbing along with my heart, Making me dance away in pure bliss, and nothing less. I spun, I jumped, I screamed and I laughed… With a new found realization- too apparent in my eyes to be missed. My mind didn’t matter anymore…my body had just seen hell… It didn’t matter. I danced. I danced like and because I was the one behind this entire existence. I might’ve looked like a mad woman to the ignorant ones like me, but I was throwing colors and joy with every step. With every move, I was becoming the fire from the tiny flame you’d just ignited in me. Unexplainable tears are the only form through which my untold words of something way more than gratitude, find expression every day.  

Holla! I wrote this piece yesterday, in the night… On my bed listening to music- Out of nowhere. Life always seemed short, except whenever I wrote ‘exams’. Right now, I’m actually living that short life. I’m in a sweet hurry with the desire to do so many things. My cousin is getting engaged coming Monday at our home itself- the entire house is going to be so lit up and full of people. I can’t wait for the day- want to take some beautiful pictures and simply be there. Recently, I watched the movie ‘mohenjodaro’ with the same cousin, her parents and my mom. As the name goes, the movie is about mohenjodaro- a part of the Indus Valley civilization. The movie was good, but the music is great! A.R.Rahman has nailed it once again. I’ve started liking, I don’t know what to call it…umm… I’ll go with the word ‘Organic’. I’m loving organic music these days. I’m still a huge fan of EDM, rock, pop and whatnot, but the ‘raw’ music has an amazing pull to it. I’m referring to music that doesn’t have many electronic devices involved while being produced. Coincidentally, mohenjodaro also has the same kind of music- I’m just drowning in those beats close to the earth and the heart. I don’t know when I’m going to stand up and start hopping around.

Until next time, dear world… 

Goa fun…

This picture was taken in front of an old and famous church in Goa. It’s my mom and little brother in the picture- being brats. My mom wanted a picture in front of the church, but I managed to click this when my brother was, well… Being himself- a fun, loving pain in the ass that I miss right now, because it got transported to a residential school.