I came home from the Isha yoga center long time back. I attended this experiential program called bhava spandana, and before that I attended the programs’in the lap of the master’ and ‘guru pournima’. I honestly have no idea how to put in words all my experiences. Only a person who’s been there and done that would understand even if I manage to write it up. Soon as I entered the ashram itself, I got to see sadhguru ❤️😃 I was rushing in search of my father and suddenly, a group of people requested me to stand still and remain quiet. I stood right there, confused. Out of nowhere, a stylish jeep comes and the one driving it is sadhguru. Oh, the experience of seeing him in reality for the first time! It overwhelmed me. He looked exactly like how he did in the videos I watched on YouTube. I automatically got my hands together in the position of a Namaskar and I don’t know why I was grinning ear to ear, with slightly teary eyes. The jeep stops and sadhguru greets us with one of the best smiles in the world and resumes driving. I’m all over the place! Utterly excited, I start running and when I see my dad- I tell him that I saw sadhguru with a huge face splitting smile. It is an amazing feeling to see him and simply be with him, I have to say. The bhava spandana program- every single human being must experience this! Life isn’t the same afterwards. You will never be the same. It’s definitely a rebirth. When you’re in the program, it’s like a roller coaster ride. You will feel like you’re going to die, but if anybody is planning to experience bsp- please give yourself completely to it. Just surrender for those 4 days, it doesn’t matter because you will be fine. The ride will end, and when it does you’ll want to go back again except there will be no second chances here. It is a one time experience and it is worth everything! I’m longing to write more about the program itself, but it’s best experienced. I’m doing awesome and i want to write more minus the experience of bsp, but this is it for now. 🙂


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