Hello world. 

Well… Hello world! I know that my title sounds like endhiran the robot, but I couldn’t think of anything else. Hello is what I wanted to say first. Life is awesome. I’m doing awesome as well. I’ve started cooking a lot these days. I wanted to learn to cook for the ex, but it turns out- I simply love food and cooking it. I’d made rajma a few days back and had invited a friend over. She was surprised and had o.O this look on her face after tasting it. The next day, I made Channa, today I had prepared mushroom pulao and I’m planning to make something out of baby corn tomorrow. 

I’m preparing it all from this website called vegrecipesofindia. My mom is worried that she’s going to get lazy because of me. I’m just living in moments. After attending those programs offered by Isha (sadhguru), there’s this distance between the body, mind and myself. Have you lost me now? :p never mind. I’ve never. Ever. Spoken about a “guru” in my life before. I’ve never even trusted anyone who claimed to be one. I’ve been a clueless theist and an atheist… And a yoga hater. Now, I’m just seeking, and this person and the foundation that he has created- it is something that people should research about and experience. Research because, obviously it’s very hard to find something genuine when spirituality is being spoken by just anyone. I’m not the one to preach or advertise either. I was that girl rebelling against her mom when asked to wear a bindi or put on bangles, just because she couldn’t understand it and it wasn’t “cool” enough. Now I realize that it was mostly because I wasn’t convinced with the answers I got for my “why’s”. “It’s what girls must do” and “it’s what our elders have asked us to do” weren’t exactly making me budge.

I was against religion. I was all for unity. Now, I’m simply here… A piece of life.  🙂 the reason behind me writing this post is because I know that I’ve changed… And I’ve probably become more human. Whatever the heck it is, I’m high on life, and the reason behind it is… Well, this post should tell you that. Just a few months back, I was this overly used word – “depressed” creature who wanted to die but was too scared to suicide and thus, had stopped at just attempting it a few times. I knew sadhguru way before all this though. 2-3 years back itself. I’d grown addicted to his videos and attached and trapped with one person in a passionate relationship, which ended recently. My last few posts sound confused…they were all written before the programs I attended. I’ve never done such things in my entire life. “Programs”..bleh!  I’ve never trusted them in the first place. The point is, I know that my posts are different now. I know that I sound different too. I just want to keep you updated on how things made a sudden U-turn and burst a bottle of glitter on your face. Also, I wanted to spread the word about something genuine and finish it all off in this post and just start writing without explaining my sudden change everyday. So, remember the names… Isha foundation. Sadhguru. Y’all should check it out. Start with YouTube. I highly recommend. This is from the bottom of my heart…it’s not tainted 🙂 good night my dearest world. 


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