Tears of ecstasy…

A humble evening dear world ❤️ I came across a picture of shiva long time back. The picture was very beautiful but it saddened me. It depicted a crying shiva. Shiva… His extremely beautiful face, matted locks of hair but his closed eyes pouring out tears. It made me sad to see him sad and I could relate to him in that picture. Anyway, I made him my desktop wallpaper because let’s be real… He’s throat- clenchingly handsome! However, I did not realise until recently that I had totally misinterpretated the picture. Shiva wasn’t crying because he was sad. Those tears I’d seen…were tears of ecstasy- and not of suffering or the consumption of some drug. I’d missed the subtle smile that was his beautifully sculpted lips. This dawned upon me after coming back from the ashram, and I feel very blessed to have experienced those tears of ecstasy. 

This is the picture 🙂 

Today is rolling amazingly…. I had prepared chilly babycorn fry without the green chillies. Yes, I know- it sounds ridiculous but, it tasted well. 

Please excuse my photography skills. The house is getting ready for a celebration of a festival called Varamahalakshmi day after tomorrow. I don’t know much about it but, things are getting more colourful and well…I love more colour. Good night, world 😃


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