Earth and the heart…

Music that’s very close to the earth… Throbbing along with my heart, Making me dance away in pure bliss, and nothing less. I spun, I jumped, I screamed and I laughed… With a new found realization- too apparent in my eyes to be missed. My mind didn’t matter anymore…my body had just seen hell… It didn’t matter. I danced. I danced like and because I was the one behind this entire existence. I might’ve looked like a mad woman to the ignorant ones like me, but I was throwing colors and joy with every step. With every move, I was becoming the fire from the tiny flame you’d just ignited in me. Unexplainable tears are the only form through which my untold words of something way more than gratitude, find expression every day.  

Holla! I wrote this piece yesterday, in the night… On my bed listening to music- Out of nowhere. Life always seemed short, except whenever I wrote ‘exams’. Right now, I’m actually living that short life. I’m in a sweet hurry with the desire to do so many things. My cousin is getting engaged coming Monday at our home itself- the entire house is going to be so lit up and full of people. I can’t wait for the day- want to take some beautiful pictures and simply be there. Recently, I watched the movie ‘mohenjodaro’ with the same cousin, her parents and my mom. As the name goes, the movie is about mohenjodaro- a part of the Indus Valley civilization. The movie was good, but the music is great! A.R.Rahman has nailed it once again. I’ve started liking, I don’t know what to call it…umm… I’ll go with the word ‘Organic’. I’m loving organic music these days. I’m still a huge fan of EDM, rock, pop and whatnot, but the ‘raw’ music has an amazing pull to it. I’m referring to music that doesn’t have many electronic devices involved while being produced. Coincidentally, mohenjodaro also has the same kind of music- I’m just drowning in those beats close to the earth and the heart. I don’t know when I’m going to stand up and start hopping around.

Until next time, dear world… 


4 thoughts on “Earth and the heart…

    1. That’s just too sweet and kind of you 😃❤️ made my day 🙂 I’m more than glad I found you and your blog as well. 😃 looking forward to more from your blog and this friendship 😀 have an awesome day ahead ❤️


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