Little orange guy down…

Found this little guy crippled and fallen on the ground early in the morning, while I was walking back home from the fitness class. He was in a bad condition when I found him, but put him in a safe place as the ants were trying to eat him up while he was still trying to get back on his miniature feet. The champ that he is. The next time I saw him, he was dead. Put him in a pot of soil with a plant in it. His orange wings caught my eyes… He was beautiful 🙂 


10 thoughts on “Little orange guy down…

  1. The belief that all insects are pests is what most of us subscribe to… and we treat them accordingly. Butterflies (or “flutterbys” as I like to call them) do seem to be in a more gracious category… and we do show them more respect… generally. For the most part they seem to be harmless… and they do treat us to awesome beauty as they flutter by and perch on a succulent blossom.

    But to actually show concern for an injured butterfly… to protect it from further harm… and then when it expires to take the time to bury this harmless and defenseless little creature in a container with a flower… what kind of a person does that?

    A person who genuinely appreciates and cares about life and beauty wherever she finds it… that’s who. Maybe a photograph of you should be entered in the WordPress challenge for “rare”. It is truly an unusual individual to sees life and beauty on this level.

    Thinking back to your post “Earth and the heart…” I was reminded of the song lyrics:

    “But you’ve gotta make your own music
    Sing your own special song,
    Make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along.”

    That’s you…


    (Excuse me for being so lengthy…)

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    1. I honestly don’t know what to say to this or how to react, but you have to know that it’s been making me giggle since morning 😃❤️ after reading half of your comment, I had to take some time, brush my teeth… Hop around the house a bit and get back to replying to you. I’m more than humbled to read this beautiful comment and No, you’re not excused for the length of it though :p please don’t ask to be excused because not many people do this. You don’t even know me and yet, here you are- with so much passion and attention to detail and undoubtedly…love. I couldn’t be more thankful 🙂 I fell in love with your blog and every single thing about it instantly, I fell for your replies for my comments on it… Now, I’m falling for you 😃 I know that we don’t know each other and we haven’t spent enough time with each other, but I feel like you’re my best friend already. Don’t ever change. You’re a beautiful… Colourful … And one of the sweetest human beings I’ve ever come across. It takes some serious immensity of love to be love 🙂 you made my day, and I’m sure that you’ll be doing the same to people around you. You remind me of flowers. Not a particular flower. Just, flowers. They exist for nobody… They simply are- spreading fragrance till the very end. Not with a purpose behind. The world could end around them, but they will remain fragrant. New worlds could start sprouting around them, they will still remain fragrant. Stay the same ❤️ 🙂 I’d love to know more about you but I’m new to blogging.
      This is my email ID. Please share your email ID so that I can mail you. 🙂
      Tight hugss… If you don’t mind now :p have a wonderful day ahead.


  2. Great job. It sure will be a much better place now.

    Insects specially cockroaches give me the creeps, I remember this one time when a really huge cockroach had fallen on its back and I knew with all the discovery channel time I spent it would actually die if not back on its feet. I slipped it and ran like a lunatic to get away from it before it started moving :P.

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