The album post…

Here are a few pictures that portray my life for the last few weeks, way better than my words. I want to post this now as I’m leaving to Coimbatore tomorrow morning. Yay!!! Boy, I’m excited 😀 traveling alone. First time. Train. Pictures. Now. 

These are some of the pictures I took on the day of varamahalakshmi celebrations 🙂 

Those are two of my grannies- a day before my cousin’s engagement. 

The first picture is well… My cousin (let’s name her now :p) – prathima’s hand- all beautiful and bridy from the mehandi. The rest of the pictures are self- explainatory. The monkey with two peace signs is my brother. 

The first one is my mom :p it took some time to make her stay with her head turned so I could click that one. The last picture is the saree and the necklace my sister wore. Art they are. In the middle, the guy she’s standing next to is the one she’s going to be married to in a few months 😃 he’s nice and fun. 

Pretty ladies of the family. Tulsi plants. Radhe and Krishna. ❤️

This picture of graffiti is from the art event ‘berserk’. I fell in love with it. Want to be able to create such things. Yep… That’s it now. 



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