Every single thing is a gathering of the Mother Earth on this planet. From gross to subtle. It’s amazing how soil transforms into so much life …in just too many intricate ways. It’s that soil and manure which has transformed into this body…. and every other body. From solid concrete buildings to the light petal of a flower and the fragrance it emanates. As the man says… it’s not dirt, it’s the life giving material. This picture- the magical transformation of soil into a gentle flower was taken in goa again. The weird thing is that not many people are receptive to this magic. The magic always is. It’s everywhere and constantly happening, yet not many stop and notice. This reminds me of a quote by someone who’s more than a guru to me… “in the vastness of the cosmos, everything is going perfect, but one nasty little thought in your mind can make it a bad day. That is lack of perspective.” -Sadhguru. 

So, the next time you want a sprinkle of magic in your life- you don’t have to go watch transformers or avengers… instead, you pay attention to life 😀 


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