Getting a life. 

I know I know I know …. it’s been a long long long time 😀 but … hey ! How you doin eh ? 😉😬 I’ve been travelling and travelling and well…. travelling. Ooh yes… and been a lazy bum. Day before Yesterday… shit the the roof. I woke up (after a nap in the afternoon 😬#detailsdoe) with a bad fever, cough and a queasy stomach. Yesterday morning, the fever got severe and I puked and was still feeling pukish but nothing came (#detailsdoe) we went to the doctor and now I’m okay. The weather here is just spooky. Anyway, I almost died day before yesterday. The experience has changed me. It got me thinking…. what am I doing with my life ? 🤔 it’s so brief. And I’m not wasting time- I’m wasting my life. It’s goddammit ticking away. So…. let me just get a life and post a blog for god sakes! Because that’ll end poverty, hunger, the jallikattu (traditional Tamil sport) ban and just change everything :p trust me.. all of this, it’s not me it’s the vodk… ahm cough syrup talking 😀 (no, seriously, don’t go for alcohol or drugs, there are better ways you can get hiiighhhh) I have a lot to share. But for now, I’m still alive. I want to live beyond this shitty brain of mine- it’s always … no, no , don’t do it … no …. Screw your no … I’m a big YEAAAAAAHHHH to life 😀 

That’s a lovely cow 😍 basically represents the fact that I’m a big fat yes to jallikattu 🙌 which peta India is trying to ban without any understanding of the tradition and the science behind it. This is it for now. I’m outtie 😀 


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