I’m just chilling …. preparing for mahashivaratri. Doing my yoga practices. All for that night – 24 th February. I cannot wait! If I should explain mahashivaratri- I don’t think I’d stop writing :p I’ll be going to the ashram on 19th. I can already sense some  overwhelming experiences and I’m more than grateful for all of it. Anyway, right now I’m just chilling. Totally laid back. It’s beautiful 🙂 listening to this song – it’s just too good. 

I know that there’s going to be some serious work to do after a few days. Should start applying for colleges, mahashivaratri and cousin’s marriage coming up- I don’t know, more changes 😀 but right now, this song reminds me of the time when I used to learn classical music – oh What would I do to start learning it again! Varaveena- the song is so soothing and just what I need right now. 

Have no clues for my tomorrows. I just can’t guess. But right now. This song on repeat. Sunlight coming through my window … 🙂 it’s good. 


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